Zodiac Name Necklaces

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Zodiac: Cancer
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The zodiac sign necklaces are elegant handcrafted necklaces. They are ideal for daily use and are a must have fashion accessory for women. Personalize a gift for a loved one with their zodiac sign. 
  • Material: Alloy (Anti-Tarnish) Materials
  • Size : 14-16 Inches & Adjustable
  • Colour: Golden

Select Your Style & Quantity from the Drop-down Menu:

  •  Style 1-Leo
  •  Style 2-Aries
  •  Style 3-Cancer
  •  Style 4-Scorpio
  •  Style 5-Pisces
  •  Style 6-Taurus
  •  Style 7-Virgo
  •  Style 8-Gemini
  •  Style 9-Libra
  •  Style 10-Capricorn
  •  Style 11-Aquarius
  •  Style 12-Sagittarius

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