Who doesn’t love a love story? Here's one for you. Meet boy, Yash, who has grown up watching his father manufacture and design 22k gold jewelry, and just like the 'Gujju' man he was meant to be, takes over and how- old school met new school. His technical-know-how and ability to execute the crazy almost gave TBZ a run for their money!

You know the famous line- ‘when life gives you lemons’- in Yash’s case life gave him girls! But a man that’s grown up around gold obviously wasn’t going to settle for anything less than a diamond. Meet girl, Priyal, a fine eye for jewelry and a finer eye for a man. Grew up around diamonds but dove into the art of handmaking one-of- a kind jewelry.

Just like any love story- gold married diamond and soon came their love child. Introducing- Upakarna, a jewelry brand (No surprises here!) at the ease of your fingertips! We aren’t afraid to color outside the lines- so here we are…pushing the boundaries of fine and fashion jewelry bringing in innovation at every stage with all our heart. We take ‘pride’ in being community allies and are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We want people to ‘own’ their style without having to create dents in the pocket. (We understand inflation a bit too well!). Just like the bond of our marriage, we are a brand built on staying true to our promises. Since our inception in 2019, we have now formed a family of clients that vouch for that. We’re a simple team of simple people selling a tangible love story that can be adorned with nothing but a smile. Like any marriage, we’ll always work towards growth and take feedback without biting!